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The 100% Electric Van Range From Mercedes-Benz Is Here. Are You eReady?

Switching to an electric van can seem daunting, especially if you've been operating diesel vehicles for years. But soon, many more will be looking to reduce their environmental footprint. Which is why here at eStar, we've made it our mission to provide the region’s van community with an exemplary electric vehicle transition experience  - driven by your needs and inspired by the latest vehicle technology, so we can keep you moving sustainably. 

Considering the switch to electric doesn't come without curiosity - so to help, we've put together some key information about our fantastic selection of electric vehicles, as well as FAQs from our customers.

In order to experience the electric van range, we highly-recommend booking a test drive. To do this, please click the number below or send us an email. Alternatively, if you have any queries - please don't hesitate to get in touch. 

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So, Why Switch To An Electric Van? 

As well as the obvious environmental benefits, there are a number of operational ones too. With cheaper servicing and savings on fuel, through to generous government grants - you'll soon notice the significant difference in your outgoing costs. 

What About The Other Key Benefits? 

  • ZERO tail pipe emissions 
  • Electric vehicle customers pay fewer taxes 
  • Our electric van batteries come with an 8-year warranty 
  • You can unlock up to £6,000 in government OZEV grants
  • There are over 30,000 electric charging points in the UK 
  • Electric vans don't pay daily congestion and ULEZ fees 
  • Electric vans can be charged up to 80% in 30-120 minutes
  • You will receive a complimentary charging point with your Mercedes-Benz Van purchase



So, Who Are Electric Vans Best Suited To? 

Electric vans are ideal for those who operate in urban areas, looking to make the switch to a more sustainable future. If, on average you do between 90 - 240 miles per charge, we can find a suitable Mercedes-Benz electric van to support your daily tasks. You'll also need to consider where you will install your charging point, as we strongly advise charging overnight (or for a longer period during the day, dependant on your working schedule). 

Key Points To Consider Before Switching To Electric... 

  • Can you charge your vehicle overnight (or for a longer period during the day?) 
  • Do you travel less than 240 miles per day?
  • Do you require a payload of no more than 905kg?
  • Do you have access to a smartphone so you can find your nearest electric charging point on-the-go?

We Get It - You Still Have Some Questions...

And we don't blame you. Considering the switch to electric doesn't come without curiosity. So to help, we've populated some of our frequently asked questions... 

Your FAQs... 

"An electric van costs much more compared to a diesel. Why should I bother?"

An electric van will cost you more upfront, but when you look at the annual running costs vs your diesel, you'll soon make up for the extra money spent with the money you will save on fuel. Not only is charging cheaper than fuel, but maintenance costs are lower too – and with a range of government grants, tax exemptions and flexible finance packages available from just 12 months, you will be delighted at how much your business will save.

"Will the range of an electric van give me what I need each day?"

Our electric vans offer ranges between 92–245 combined WLTP miles, depending on the make and model you choose – and according to Mercedes-Benz research, that’s more than the average business covers in a day. Plus, with features like Economy Plus mode to help you maximise range and rapid DC charging to get you from 10- 80% in 30-120 minutes, you might be surprised at how far an electric van can go. 

"What if my range is low - is an electric point easy to find?"

There are now more public electric charging points than petrol stations in convenient locations across the UK* - from supermarkets to the car parks. And that number is growing every day. If you're low on charge, all you need to do is a quick search on your smartphone to find the nearest electric charging point. 


eStar Will Help You Make The Switch To An Enviromentally-Friendly Future... 

As an electric vehicle specialist - we’re here to help make the transition from fuel to electric as easy as possible – whenever the time’s right for you. You can now arrange an appointment with one of our Electric Specialists, who will guide you through the process, giving you all the guidance you need before, during and after your switch. 

  • We work around you - and you can speak to us from 8am till 9pm 
  • You'll receive a free charging point with your new, electric Mercedes-Benz Van
  • We have a large selection of electric vans available to test drive 
  • We can offer you an exclusive eSwap solution (we'll buy your old van, in exchange for an electric one!)
  • We pride ourselves on delivering the best possible service - from your consultation, right through to after care
  • We offer overnight servicing and repairs
  • We have a fantastic selection of eVans in stock and ready to drive away today

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Want To Get Behind The Wheel Of An Electric Van?

Here at eStar, we can offer you extended test drives with our selection of electric vans, meaning you can put it to the ultimate test and accurately compare it to what you're currently running. 

To discover more about a test drive, or to chat to one of our eletric vehicle experts - please get in touch today... 

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