Comprehensive maintenance of air conditioning with disinfectant measures


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As one of your vehicle’s most frequently used features, air conditioning systems must be regularly serviced to prevent malfunction. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the A/C system must also be fully disinfected at least once a month on top of the regular maintenance intervals.

The entire A/C system including ancillary items such as wires and piping must be disinfected. All of which can carried out by your local Service Partner at Trafford Park or Deeside.

Maintenance program

Complete servicing of the A/C system should be done:

  • at least twice per year for city bus
  • at least once per year for touring coach

Our packages:

  • Parts kit from only £112.10*
  • Complete A/C service parts from £318.00*


  • Replacement of the roof filter
  • Replacement of the driver compartment filter
  • Replacement of all internal filters
  • Replacement of dehydration filter
  • Renewal of the oil compressor and later, the gas cylinder

A comprehensive solution.

To prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses, it is important to minimise airborn and surface contamination
as per official guidelines. Those undertaking the disinfection of any interior areas also should use personal
protective equipment.

OMNIplus presents an easy-to-follow solution to ensure thorough disinfection of your vehicle’s interior and ventillation system.

Step 1 Combatting surface contamination

  • Sanitisation of the air outlet vents in the driver’s cab and the passenger area with a microfibre cloth and TUNAP 5880.
  • TUNAP 5880 is a disinfection detergent with a 70% alcohol base.

Step 2 Hygienic air conditioning cleaning

  • Disinfectant spray, for direct application on A/C evaporators, in the driver’s cab and passenger area, to kill all micro-organisms inside the A/C unit.
  • TUNAP 994 spray is a sanitising detergent for A/C systems. Application gun included

Step 3 Air conditioning ‘bomb-style’ sanitising

  • Complete air sanitisation within the entire vehicle interior including A/C ventillation ducts, requiring constant operation of the A/C, in circulation mode, for thirty minutes.
  • TUNAP 589 Air Sanitiser. The active substance contains over 70% ethanol.

To book your vehicle in, please contact our Service Teams at Trafford Park or Deeside.

*prices exclude gas.
*prices applicable to Tourismo Euro V / Euro VI (BM632).

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