Retrofit Predictive Powertrain Control


Retrofit Predictive Powertrain Control and save this much fuel in 3 years - £9,306[1].

Fitted price £800*

The clever route to 5% fuel savings.

Now available to be retrofitted, Predictive Powertrain Control can lead to incredible 5% fuel savings on every journey.

Fitted from just this unique system can pay for itself in six months. Using digital 3D maps and GPS data to scan the road ahead, PPC automatically adapts gear selection and vehicle speed to match and overcome varying conditions on the road. Conditions that can otherwise prove costly.

Exploiting peak momentum ahead of uphill gradients, shifting down on uphill stretches, decelerating ahead of hilltops, and coasting with gentle doses of peak momentum on downhill gradients. They all help drive fuel efficiency upwards and deliver savings throughout your truck’s lifespan.

But don’t just trust us. Here’s what our customers have to say…
“There’s every reason to suppose our New Actros trucks will maintain their exceptional performance – we have a 13-plate Euro V Actros, our first truck with PPC, which has returned an average of 10.2 mpg from day one.” David Reid, Bartrums

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[1] 3 year saving of £9,306 is calculated based on a truck covering an annual mileage of 150,000 km/93,210 miles, an average fuel consumption of 8.5 mpg at an assumed cost of £1.32 per litre Retail Pump Price of diesel and £0.30 per litre of AdBlue®.

*Prices exclude VAT.