Service Offers

Service Offers

In the tough economic climate, it´s important to make every penny count.

That´s why here at eStar Truck & Van we have a wide selection of offers available across our entire Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicles range, service and parts. For further details, explore this section or contact us directly.

Service Offers

Get your trucks all set for success.
Do you have trucks returning to the road after a period of downtime? 

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FREE Visual Health Check

Spotting issues before they become an issue.

The best way to maximise uptime and driver safety is to look ahead, predict what could go wrong, and take action now. Book a free, 15-minute Visual Health Check and our Mercedes-Benz trained technicians will visually inspect 28 critical maintenance points around your vehicle – spotting issues before they become an issue, and reducing unexpected downtime and repair bills.

Truck Service Contracts

Less truly is more with our new Truck Service Contracts. You can now get more expertise, peace of mind and control for less money – essential for the current financial climate.

Service Contracts from £4 a day. Peace of mind, priceless.
Your truck belongs on the road...

Rescue Assist

Mercedes-Benz is revolutionising road safety with Rescue Assist – an innovative new system that gives emergency services critical information at the scene of an accident.

All new Mercedes-Benz models are automatically fitted with Rescue Assist: QR (Quick Response) Rescue Codes during production. For vans manufactured from 1990 onwards, Mercedes-Benz is offering a free-of-charge retro-fit service.