Euro 6, AdBlue and your business.

Keep on top of AdBlue levels

Mercedes-Benz diesel engine vehicles carrying BlueTEC badges use AdBlue technology to help reduce the amount of harmful nitrogen oxides found in the vehicles’ emissions.

As the levels of AdBlue get low, a warning light will appear on your dashboard. If you don’t top up, you’ll see a reduction in engine performance and the van’s speed will be limited to 12mph until the tank has been refilled.

You can top up your AdBlue tank at most service stations across the country, or of course at your nearest approved Mercedes-Benz Dealer.

Using AdBlue safely

  • Make sure your van is parked on level ground when filling up, to avoid overfilling and damaging the exhaust system.
  • Contaminated AdBlue can also damage the exhaust system – never refill the tank with AdBlue that’s been removed from the vehicle, and never add water or any other additives.
  • AdBlue is not a fuel additive – it’s added to the exhaust system once the fuel is burned. Don’t add it to your fuel tank,
  • and never use oil or fuel dispensing equipment to top up your AdBlue.
  • Spilled AdBlue can stain if left to crystallise, and also corrode paintwork over time. Wipe up any spills immediately with water.
  • Only use AdBlue conforming to ISO 22241 standard.

Because you can’t afford to stop, we stock AdBlue in quantities of 1.89, 5, 10, 20 litres and bulk.

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