Mercedes PRO connect


No other manufacturer or software provider gives you greater visibility of your Mercedes-Benz fleet, for free*.

The digital evolution of the van is here. Raise efficiency, improve safety,maximise security and reduce costs with Mercedes PRO connect, the world’s most intelligent, free* integrated vehicle monitoring software, designed to keep businesses moving.

  • No other manufacturer offers its own integrated vehicle monitoring software as standard, meaning no costly installation of ‘black boxes’ or software subscriptions for the first 3 years.
  • No other manufacturer or third party software provider reports data from as many points on and around the vehicle, in real time. 
  • No other manufacturer gives you greater control over your fleet, while saving time and money.


To find out more information, or to book a fitting, please Request a Callback. 

*With the Sprinter and Vito from May 2019 production, we offer a range of connected vehicle services free of charge.

These include: MB Emergency Call System (eCall), Maintenance Management, Accident and Breakdown Management, Fleet Communication and Digital Trip Management. We also offer a range of extended services, which are offered free of charge, for three years. These extended services include: Vehicle Supervision, Vehicle Operations, Theft Warning, Eco Monitor and Safety Monitor (from 07/2019).  Additional premium services are also available to purchase via our Mercedes PRO eStore, including: Remote Services and Digital Driver’s log. The service ‘Internet in the van’ which acts as a WiFi hotspot requires a separate data contract with Vodafone. Navigation Services are offered free of charge in conjunction with factory-fitted MBUX Navigation (E1E), for three years. Full service information is available at